Due South

Aussie winter colour, looking due south.  High contrast at midday, with the sun and clouds creating awesome shadows.

Due South_sml

Note: When I post this image, it looks kind of blurry… but if I click on the image, the clarity is back.  Just wondering if anybody else is experiencing this? Perhaps it’s just me… just checking please.

10 thoughts on “Due South

  1. It did the same for me. I get your posts via email, and the photo was not up to your usual standard in that either – how odd! The large version is lovely, the contrast of the distant hills and the sky!


    1. Thanks heaps Caroline for the comment and the feedback. I really appreciate it.
      I’ve had this happen before and haven’t been able to figure it out yet… Maybe it’s my template?
      Anyway as I said, thanks heaps! 😀


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