Australian abstract and making fonts..

I thought I’d share a little of what I’ve been up to this past couple of weeks in my new course of study.

These 2 projects were to fit a client’s specific requirements.

1. Create a unique piece that echoed the client’s love of Australian plants and wildlife using the colours specified.  The piece was to be abstract and modern.  This describes the requirements briefly.

This pencil sketch collage shows my answer 🙂

Australian Abstract Collage sml

2. Making fonts.

Create fonts (on your own – no computer use) using one word to suit textures.

Making Fonts 2

Not a great image sorry – bad lighting and crooked – but you get the idea. 😉

I had fun with this and it took me back to my teenage days when I was doing this anyway 😀 A couple of these were real brain stretches and others just came easily.  An interesting exercise and a great reminder that doing things by hand is very worthwhile.


5 thoughts on “Australian abstract and making fonts..

  1. What an interesting course it must be to get you producing results like these. Is it an on-line course or face to face at uni or TAFE? Thank you for sharing your creative exercises.


    1. It is an interesting course Lee and it’s face to face locally.
      A short course run by tafe. Design Fundamentals.
      It’s very different to Fine Arts and yet very similar in some ways.


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