Mixed Media – In the Orchard

This past few days I’ve been having fun playing with this mixed media.

In the Orchard_sml

Again, this was a brief for my design course.  The brief was to create a drawing – something / anything working from our imagination.  It could be based on something real or imaginary.  I started doodling and ended up working towards an idea based on our farm orchard.

This is (I think – possibly?) my end result… if I add any more, it should only be tweaks here and there now… and it has been the most fun I’ve had in ages with any of my art!!!  I started with collage… fun!!! 😀

Mixed Media – Collage with charcoal and oil pastel. A1 size on cartridge (school paper). Fun!!!

4 thoughts on “Mixed Media – In the Orchard

    1. Thanks Leanne,
      I did have so much fun with this one.
      I’m glad you like it and see that there is more than meets the eye 😉
      I’d love to do something like this again really soon. 😀


      1. I can remember doing a funny thing when I was studying art, using a photo that was photocopied and put into the image and then I drew around it, it was pretty amazing and I really enjoy it. Always meant to do it again, but never did, I hope you get a chance to. I like the details.


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