6 thoughts on “Fiery Skies

  1. So pleased to hear you are not directly affected by these dreadful fires. The sky shot is intense and amazing, a cauldron of seething heat and colour. We had enough rain today to dampen the fires in our area although they have been nowhere as intense and horrifying as those around the Sydney area.


    1. Lee, I do hope all is well with you still.
      These fires are amazing!
      The sky was incredible due to the smoke. It was so thick, you couldn’t see very far.
      Thankfully though, still no fires here.


    1. Thanks for checking in Leanne… yes presently we are still ok, but we’re on alert. Everybody is. A change of wind direction could blow it our way, so we’re doing what we can in the event of…
      Fires are still 15 – 20 mins away from us by car.

      Things are getting worse. I feel so sorry for so many who’ve lost their possessions, but I think most are grateful to be alive.

      Thanks for thinking of us 🙂


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