Mountains on Fire

Presently in NSW Australia, there are fires everywhere… out of control.. affecting people and their lives.  It’s way too early in the season for fires here, but we’ve had soaring temps and gale force winds starting and fueling fires. It’s awful.

Currently there are fires all around us… not close, so we are safe presently.  They’re close enough though that today we sit in a golden haze of fire smoke.

The other night driving home, I saw this amazing sight.

Mountains on Fire Oct16– Mountains on Fire –

As I was driving down from the mountains, the glow from the raging fire was so evident.  This image is not technically great at all, as I fumbled in the dark with my hand held to take this shot, but I had to stop.  I haven’t seen anything like this before.  The magnitude.  I hope I don’t see it very often.  People have been evacuated from their homes due to this raging fire… and still it burns.

4 thoughts on “Mountains on Fire

  1. Both of your shots are amazing. I just heard about fires around Sydney and was thinking it was early in the season for it, but you’ve explained what’s going on, so thanks. I was in Los Angeles when the mountains there were burning a few years ago, and also got some amazing photos as the clouds of orange smoke rolled in. We stayed inside as much as we could to avoid breathing it. I remember driving home to Phoenix a few days later, in smoke for about 100 miles from my friend’s house! Please try not to breathe too much of that in, but I suspect it’s everywhere and hard to avoid.


    1. Sounds like fire is the same all over.
      Things have settled now thanks, although there are still fires burning. The winds are fuelling them, but we are fine here.
      Many have lost their homes.
      We’re enjoying a cooler reprieve today.


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