Right Minded Exhibition, Nov 2013

Thought I’d share a few snapshots from my mobile phone, taken during setup for our exhibition.  The gallery area is a combination of wall space and cabinets as well as plinths etc.

Here are some of my creations from the course.  This is an overall view of my display cabinet.  Again, all are taken with a mobile phone camera.

Exhibition Display 1sml_sigMy display consists of:

  • 1 yard of my own fabric design – ‘Wash Day’ 😀 (this was very exciting and took 10 weeks to bring to fruition!!)
  • Magazine Cover project – designed and photographed by me, emulating a real magazine
  • Props shown in the cabinet – used for the magazine cover, all made by me except for the dress display stand.
  • Poster, flyer and invitation for Shakespeare play – no computer use at all in the making of this.
  • Altered book – ‘Treasure Books’ – depicting the importance of books to me.
  • I also have a kinetic mobile in the exhibition, but as yet I have no images of it… will share when I can.

A closer look… (white balance is off in these next 2 shots and lighting is terrible).

Exhibition Display 2sml_sig

Exhibition Display 3sml_sig..and this one – ‘In the Orchard’ – is hanging on the wall opposite 🙂 You’ve seen it before.

Exhibition Display 4sml_sigThese are some of the items I’ve been working on for the duration of this course.

Fun!! 😀


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