Painting Workshop

I’ve just had the very best week as a student in a painting workshop.  It was about the versatility of acrylics… It was fabulous!!

I’m still in the very early days of my ‘painting life’… this is the beginning of my fourth year and some of that time has been pretty sporadic due to life, commitments and simply getting stuck on knowing what to do or how to do!

Here are two pretty successful (for me) paintings from this past week…

There are things I will tweak a little until I’m happy….possibly…

This week has been great!  I’ve learned things I do want to do and things I don’t want to do in my painting future…and things I prefer. It’s given me some clarity of direction.  I’m now looking forward to the rest of my painting / ever learning journey with a bit more clarity and bravery… I hope 😉

Each day, in our class we did a different painting using acrylics in a different way… this was very liberating to learn..and fun!  I finished 2 pretty ok paintings, had 2 kind of epic fails… ha ha!  ..and one I will start later on.

I met some great people too.  It’s been a fabulous week and now this coming week, my focus will be finalising creations for our first market of the year… and first ever!  Wooohoo!!

Have a great week 😀

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