Worker’s Shack

On one of my trips home last year, we came across a local Gallery that was off the beaten track.  This Gallery was part of an Art’s Trail weekend and I’m so glad we stopped by.

The Gallery itself was housed in an old Shearing shed.  Around the Shearing Shed there were other old buildings and I asked the owners if they’d mind me taking some photos while we were there.  They were happy for me to do so 😀

Revisiting some of these images today, I came across (what I’m referring to as) this wonderful old ‘Worker’s Shack’.  I love the texture, the broken old windows, the wooden door and the broom!! ..and well, all of it.  In my year of doing Black and White darkroom photography I really enjoyed finding old buildings like this one.

The old shack is made from mud and wooden poles.  I wonder how old it is?  Here it is… so much character!  I love these finds.

Worker's Shack smlOf course, it’s abandoned these days, but I feel like anybody could just pick up that broom and move right in! 😀

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