In my driveway…

This morning was lovely… foggy and a little bit dewy.  Autumn is nearly here!

In my driveway there are little wildflowers growing and one of these is the Pincushion flower…         I think they’re lovely.

Pincushion Flower sml

I tootled purposefully up the driveway this morning to take a pic of this dear little flower… but I’m too shaky today… (it’s just like that some days for me)…and there was a little breeze. I did get a couple of images that tell the little flower’s story and of course a dandelion.

Dandelion BWI did have a small tripod, but the flowers were low… so… I played a little to see what I could make of them 😀

4 thoughts on “In my driveway…

  1. Lovely! Looking around after reading your feature on Leanne Cole’s post. I love close ups of flowers, it is like they come to life in the photograph. Really looking forward to following you and your gorgeous work.


    1. Carrie, welcome! 🙂
      Thanks so much for your lovely comment.
      I too love flowers and want to know All about them 🙂
      Look forward to visiting your blog too.


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