Yesterday, a blogging friend and I met for lunch.  We’d commented and emailed back and forth for quite some time now (years), but we hadn’t met…yet…until yesterday 🙂  We had a lovely quiet chatty lunch and afterwards we wandered a little and found a lovely little garden nursery.  We both made a little purchase for our family gardens 🙂

I purchased a couple of Echinacea ( Cone flower) plants.

Echinacea 750wm

I admit to buying the plant to photograph, as well as to plant in my garden 😉  I think the flowers on these plants are amazing!  Photographing it in a pleasing way was tricky though.  Once I got a good look at the plant up close, there was a lot more information, plus imperfections in the plant… which I still think it is amazing!  First time I’ve looked that closely at this flower.  So, here is my effort 😀

Thanks for a great day D.  It was lovely to meet you!!

19 thoughts on “Echinacea…

  1. Nice to hear you had an enjoyable time in person with your digital friend. I’ve often wondered if i would have the same rapport in person as I do with folks I have met through this blog – I’d like to think so. Good job with the flower shot too – closeups are not an easy shot to pull off.


    1. Hi Robert and thanks! 🙂
      In my experience, we get to know our ‘digital’ friends as though we were writing old fashioned letters.
      I have met some lovely people I have corresponded with 🙂
      Thanks on the thumbs up for this shot. It was a tricky one.


  2. What a nice little story. Must have been wonderful to meet a new blogging friend.
    Love the photo, too. Thanks for visiting my blog.


    1. Thank you. I cant resist flowers / plants. These have died down for the winter now. Hope to see them again next year.
      Once again, I agree 🙂 I occasionally buy (or receive) a bunch of flowers. I make the most of these 🙂


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