Grevillea ~ Robyn Gordon

Robyn Gordon is an Australia native plant and this one is growing in my garden.

Robyn Gordon Grevillea

I’ve always loved the beautiful harmonious colours of this particular Grevillea.. and I think they are spectacularly like some sort of alien being up close πŸ˜€

Last night the ambient light was low, but the sun was reflecting some amazing light onto some huge Cumulus clouds.Β  The sky was awesome too.

I managed to sneak outside with my camera with this flower in mind…. (I hurt my back this week, so have been taking it very easy ~ am on the mend now, so…) getting outside with the camera was fun!

As soon as I was outside, the wind blew up and rain drops came, but I grabbed a few shots πŸ˜€

Aren’t they an amazing flower?Β  For me, they are a very close second to my other favourites, poppys and roses…and the birds love them!

16 thoughts on “Grevillea ~ Robyn Gordon

    1. Thanks again Robert. I do love the colour versions, although I think they are a little dark, showing the time of day, but I must admit my heart really leans towards the B&W πŸ˜€


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