Morticia’s Roses…

..although technically Morticia’s roses, should be black 😉

I’m taking artistic licence and trying something I’ve always wanted to try… selective colouring in an image.

Firstly I must thank Lee for her inspirations on flowers that are past their use by date.  Lee has done a wonderful series ‘Beauty Lingers’ on her blog.  You’ll find her here.
Secondly, you need to know this is not a crisp image – it might send you cross eyed if you try to focus…lol… but I’ve had fun and in this instance it was a mad moment of ‘what if’ that I thought I’d try this.

Morticia's RosesI think I like the results and I’ll try this again 😀

19 thoughts on “Morticia’s Roses…

  1. This is fabulous Robyn, I love the selective colouring and thanks for the lovely comment on my ‘Beauty Lingers’ series


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