Monochrome Madness ~ week 4

Taking part again this week in this weeks MM challenge hosted by Leanne and Laura.

This challenge… challenges me every week!  I never know what my image might be… it’s just whatever ‘finds me’ that week.

This week has been limiting due to a back injury… so I’ve been visiting a Grevillea bush just outside the back door with amazing flowers.

This is my entry for week 4….

MM Challenge_Robyn Gosby

I really ummed and aahhed over whether I wanted it to be simply  B&W or whether I would add a touch of warmth (with a soft yellow filter)… the warmth won me over.

..and here is the black and white version 🙂

MM Challenge Grevillea BW

Pop on over to Leanne’s blog to see the beautiful work that has been submitted this week.  Breathtaking!!

I’m also very much enjoying meeting new bloggers/photographers through this challenge!

Thanks again girls.  I do love a B&W challenge 😀

10 thoughts on “Monochrome Madness ~ week 4

  1. Hello Robyn! Hope you get better soon, okay? The two versions are wonderful – I would be very happy if I had to choose any of them. Take care of yourself. 😊


  2. I can totally see why it took you some time to choose. Really gorgeous in both hues. I am loving this challenge too. It makes me think about taking photographs at some point during the week in a new way. Back troubles are so frustrating. Hope you feel better soon. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with for next week.


    1. Hi Carrie, thanks so much!
      Challenges are so great… they do make us think ahead. I like that too 🙂
      I really enjoyed having a closer look at your image… so much going on and love that shiny black perfect bug just off centre. Really lovely!
      Thank you… my back is progressively, slowly improving… I’m being good and doing what I should, so hopefully moving forward to a good back again soon. 🙂
      I look forward to next week too… wonder what we’ll find? 😀


    1. Thanks Julie. Glad you like them.
      My back is a bit sore from spending some time in the car… But doing pretty well thanks and getting progressively better each day 😀


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