Teeny Toadstools

This morning… there were teeny little umbrella toadstools everywhere!

Teeny Toadstool Umbrellas

We’ve had lots of rain and apparently these little fellows thrive in this weather.  A few hours later though, there isn’t one in sight.  Amazing little creations.  Each one was no bigger than 1 inch across and that was the size of the larger ones.  I just know there were teeny elf or fairy folk running around somewhere in my picture too… out of sight, of course 😉

These little toad stools were a soft white grey, against the very green grass, but for my story I’ve added a little more colour 🙂

20 thoughts on “Teeny Toadstools

  1. I love these little bits of magic, that so suddenly appear as if from another world, then suddenly vanish again. Its to remind us that not everything has to make sense or have a purpose, and beauty and fantasy are essential parts of our lives. They appeal to the “inner child” in all of us. Thank you for this delightful post!


      1. Actually, I’ll reply here…lol… Quicker 😉
        This image is playing with the Saturation levels and Selective focus.
        It was done in Paint Shop Pro 🙂


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