Glimpses of jewels…

Autumn is in full swing now.  It’s awesome!

The nights are cold and so are the mornings… and now there are jewels to be found!!! 😀

Autumn Jewels

These are my first close glimpses of jewels for this year.

This one is a shot with my handheld, and I want lots more clarity… but it’s begun!  Wahooo!

22 thoughts on “Glimpses of jewels…

    1. Hi Lee. Thanks 🙂
      Each little object holds beautiful surprises at this time of year.
      I couldn’t see these until I got up really close. I love this time of year 🙂


    1. Yes you do 😀 The weather is so enjoyable at the moment and winter is coming fast here!
      Hope your extension tubes arrive soon… then you can have some more close up fun!
      I wasn’t very organised this morning, so didn’t get what I wanted… but it’s fun to see my first glimspes.. and it’s great to be out and about in the lovely morning sunshine 🙂


      1. They should, hopefully arrive this week, just in time really. Winter is coming fast here too, we don’t seem to be getting much of an autumn as far as colour goes, the trees seem to be just dropping their leaves. Weird.
        I am sure there will be plenty more opportunities.


      2. It’s exactly the same here.
        We went for a drive yesterday to see if the leaves are changing in other areas… not really.
        Summer was so harsh, that once we got so much water…. the trees think it’s spring again, instead of Autumn.
        The pear trees are blossoming! Yep, weird.


  1. So beautiful, Robyn! You are bringing to us the jewels of autumn, as you do for each of the seasons. Enjoy everything! And thanks so much for sharing the treasure! Take care. 🙂


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