Jewellery Box

This morning was another beautiful Autumn morning with a heavy dew sitting on everything.  I knew this was the morning to go in search of jewels.

I didn’t have to go far… this beauty was sitting in the morning sunshine… waiting for me 😀

Jewellery Box 800 Robyn Gosby

How exciting!!!!

Wishing you, one and all a very Happy Easter.  Hope it’s wonderful 🙂

33 thoughts on “Jewellery Box

    1. Carrie I love finding these special moments…actually it’s one of my favourite things.
      The camera reveals everyday magic!
      Thanks so much for your lovely comment 🙂


  1. Hi Robyn, This I can describe fully only in Portuguese, my native language. “Coisa fina”, which means something very very special. Thanks so much for the jewel!!! Happy Easter to you and yours! Take care, my friend! 🙂


    1. That sounds very special Fabio.
      Thank you for sharing that. I’m very glad you like my image… I was very excited to see it up close.
      Happy Easter to you and yours also. 🙂


    1. Thank you Lee… I do like taking things to abstraction… you see things differently 🙂
      This image was taken with my small camera + a macro lens.
      Simplified… this is the equivalent of 60mm + macro.
      Hope this makes sense… I’ve edited this a few times now…lol
      My big camera battery went flat after I took one pic :O
      Lately I’ve been using my 35 – 70 mm lense, on my big camera. Actually I like to try all sorts.
      I’m still working out Macro… and having fun with it. I do like experimenting 🙂


  2. Bubbly! Hard to believe it is that time of the year already as we had snow (again) yesterday…will this winter never end? You too enjoy the holiday…I hope to get out and shoot as I probably won’t be bothered by anyone 🙂


    1. Bubbly. Yes Robert 🙂
      A good description. It amazes me what is before us, when we look closer.
      Ah snow for you again… Wishing you Spring Again really soon.
      Do hope you enjoy getting out over Easter. I hope to as well.


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