For those of you who kindly read my blog, you will have noticed quite a few Echinacea flower shots over the past few weeks.Β  Here is another one πŸ™‚


I have been so amazed at the variety of images taken from this plant and the development and changes throughout the life span of one or two flowers.

I was watching this ‘stage’ of the flower the other day and it reminded me so much of a ballerina and her tutu… I thought it was so beautiful, even at the end of its life… with its lovely ruffles.

Such a contrast too.. a juxtaposition of the spiky-ness with the softness of the petals.

..and here is another image and a final stage. There is beauty everywhere!

Echinacea Final Days BW

Be sure to pop on over to Leanne’s today for week 8 of Monochrome Madness. Always amazing!

33 thoughts on “Ruffles…

    1. Hello D! πŸ™‚
      It’s been a real pleasure! I’m so glad we went to lunch that day, although I must admit I never knew I’d be sooo inspired by the beauty.
      It’s fascinating.


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