Morning Shadows

This image was taken back in February.  It’s amazing to see how dry it was then, compared to now, which is so green.  We are thankful for the green!

I’ve been trying my hand at some new tips in Photoshop, so I thought I’d share the image I’m working on, with the final result as it is now.

Morning Shadows

This image shows how hot in was in Feb.  You can see the heat on the horizon.  The sky was more washed out than this in the original, but it was still blue (probably not this blue though? – put your sunnies on!) for the time of day… 6.20am.. a sign of the hot day to come.

The long morning shadows are wonderful. I love the way they throw long lines across the paddocks… and the foggy valley indicates a cooler night.

Testing testing 😀

I never tire of these everyday views… it’s always changing!

..and here’s a B&W version. Just because 🙂

Morning Shadows BW

19 thoughts on “Morning Shadows

  1. Glad I don’t have to choose one over the other – they both work in different ways – I may lean a bit towards the color image as you get the idea of the fog in the valley that is missed in the B&W version.


    1. Yes Id agree Robert.
      I’ll revisit this as the blue sky bothers me now.
      All a learning curve and I do love learning and experimenting.
      In this instance, I do think ‘in person’ does more justice.


      1. I understand about a certain portion of an image “bothering” the photographer – however, I have found that sometimes I fixate on a particular element of a picture and nobody else gives it much notice. Have fun learning and working with things until you get them just the way you want 🙂


      2. Thanks Robert. Really needed to hear that!
        I greatly appreciate your thoughts 🙂
        I do enjoy the learning… sometimes we win and well… sometimes we do better… the next time 🙂


      1. Fabio, thanks for leaving such lovely comments on my silhouette photos.
        Cant reply on them apparently, so am replying here!
        So glad you like them. So amazing ‘seeing’ them yesterday 🙂


      2. Dear Robyn, it is when all emotions come together. And the photographer takes the camera to shoot and to share the scene with others. Thanks so much, friend, and have a wonderful Sunday! Take care. 🙂


    1. I like the layers Jules 🙂 Tried Lightroom, but was looking for layers.
      I have a loooong way to go with PS, but do ok 🙂
      Am happy to try all software that will work for me.
      Lightroom suits you. Your images are lovely!


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