The doggies and I…

Yesterday morning, the doggies and I went for a nice walk.  We had liver treats, the camera and most importantly… a ball.

I thought I’d share our little adventure 🙂  We had fun!

Technical stuff: I was using my small camera with these images. It’s a great camera with manual settings… just not an SLR.

I ran into problems with low light and noise in some of these and with the 2 ‘jewels’ images… both are handheld (edit: this was pretty amazing for shaky me 😉 ).  I used 2 plugins to tidy up some of the noise and the fine detail.

They are Topaz DeNoise and Detail.

17 thoughts on “The doggies and I…

  1. Love the walk and the hand helds are very steady to my eye! Are these the puppies that your bitch had last year? If so they sure have grown into lovely dogs.


    1. Thanks Lee… yes we had fun. It was a really lovely time of day.
      The hand helds surprised me too… ha ha. Not known for being steady anymore… I used to be.
      It was early in the day. That helps.
      Yes, these are from that litter. Would you believe they’ll be two this year?! Its gone so fast.


  2. Nice visit with you and the dogs. My problem with the non-DSLR camera’s is the shutter lag – the difference between the time when I want to take the shot and when the camera actually does the capture – most annoying with action shots.


    1. Thanks Robert. It was a nice morning walk 🙂
      Yes I do agree. I was lucky to get the action shot I did. Its a great camera for walks when hands are full and does surprisingly well for closeups and general photos.
      I was playing with action yesterday arvo (dogs again). The DLSR was up on 4000s and 3200iso in very contrasty deep shade and bright sun. Have yet to look 🙂 Good to experiment.


    1. Thanks Sarah 🙂
      I was so happy to capture her sniffing the toadstool. I have another of her way back on the blog with her doing the same, but to a teeny crochet rabbit. Fun!


      1. Aww bless! We have two lovely cats, well kittens still really, not yet a year old, but whenever I try to get a photo of either of them doing something cute, they spot the camera and have to investigate that instead 😉 I grew up with dogs too and I really miss them but we live in a flat so it’s just not possible. I am a sucker for petting every dog I meet out on my walks by the canal!


      2. Ha ha your pussy cats sound very cute.
        We had a cat that used to turn away every time I tried to capture her. They are cheeky.
        Yes, difficult to have dogs in limited spaces. Enjoy your walks and patting dogs. They really are conversation starters 🙂


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