Chewing the fat?

..Well actually these girls were chewing the rope, but in a funny way I can’t help thinking that they’re silently communicating.  Having a casual conversation about ‘stuff‘ ~ ‘chewing the fat’.

Chewing the fat

I love watching them do this… it’s funny…and they look so relaxed, in the dappled shade.  They tear around playing tug of war and then sit and chew together.  I wonder what they talk about?

It must be fun to chew the fat 😉

18 thoughts on “Chewing the fat?

      1. Lol… I am a cat person too Robert… and have been kept by (so true) cats..
        but these dogs have got under my skin and into my heart 🙂


    1. Thank you Robyn 🙂
      So glad you like the shot… wondered if it was too dark… it was dappled shade and felt that gave it a ‘mood’
      so kept it as is…
      Thanks for your comment.


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