18 thoughts on “Daisy Ch~(tr)~ain…

  1. this is jest such a very kewl imagining kidz like theme fer a kidz bewk , very kewl novel to ur ideas, keep on keepin on with ur experimentin! delightful stuff 🙂 Q


      1. like i said i so imagine a whole book theme u could present in images with little inspirational kids sayings,,like don’t let life get ya down get on the daisy train 2day etc etc, fer starters… a robyn g bumblebee book klub fer kidz an all an web site to go along with the bewks and games an all jest fer kidz, FUN INSPIRATIONAL IMAGES GALORE….KINNA LIKE “TOMMY DA’ tRAIN” WAZ IN DA 80’S sumpin’ dat could develop over time as one takes the shotz etc etc,,cuz u know how to personify images way kewl like a lot! all ur own style…so take care an keep on keepin on an shootin ur 2 Kewl fer Skewl uR stuff ! who cares bout gramatics when ur 5 ya see what i mean all in fun now! bye 4 now 🙂 Q


      2. So, LoL imagine Dat! robyns daisy train of kidz images 🙂 well, ya never know sayz da Q imaginingz are what this life is all bout to me ya see as we create daily as we go along our flow whatevr that is, all evryonbe so different but a lot the same deep inside 🙂 cya Q


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