Monochrome Madness ~ week 14

I’ve missed a few MMCs and I’m happy to be participating again this week.  This is my contribution.

Littleton BW_Robyn Gosby 2014

I was telling Leanne about this place… It’s near a gallery I’ve mentioned before.  When we visited, the guy giving us a little tour invited me to step inside this fabulous mud brick shack.  I chickened out and stood in the doorway.  Inside it’s lined with small branches/poles and mud brick… and is definitely leaning 🙂

Be sure to pop on over to Leanne’s again this week to check out all the entries.. Every week they’re fantastic!

27 thoughts on “Monochrome Madness ~ week 14

      1. My pleasure – like most weeks, I find I am partial to some more than others, but that’s just the eye of the beholder – I try to make the “like” call before I see who is doing the post, so favoritism does not play any part.


      1. I like places and things like that -) Trees that still live despite a lightning strike or being toppled by the wind, deserts that suddenly come back to life after a flood, moth chrysalis and amphibians that survive being completely frozen, I feel kindred to them in some way. We just won’t be stopped 🙂


    1. Its a quaint little place Julie, definitely of yesteryear.
      The gallery itself (opposite) is in a shearing shed and there are a few little shacks, made in this style…and they’re still standing.
      Theres not much else around, but I enjoyed it. Im sure you would too!


  1. I saw this on Leanne’s site and commented there. For some reason these old weathered shacks fascinate me. Most of my portfolio was filled with variations until they all began to look alike. This one is glorious. (Seems I “love” too much to the point of overusing the word so I’m expanding my vocabulary!) Oh, I can’t help myself. I love it!


    1. lol Great to hear from you and that you like my image… thank you!!! 🙂
      In that case, my vocab also needs expanding..hee hee… it’s a favourite word of mine also.
      It’s such an interesting place!
      Thanks so much for your fun upbeat comment… it’s greatly appreciated!!!


    1. Thank you Truels.
      Originally this was a colour image. Changing it to monochrome really gave it that abandoned feel.
      Hope you find some somewhere in your travels 🙂


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