23 thoughts on “Happiness is..

    1. A little sunny today Robert and a little not 🙂
      I took this image a week or so ago… Have been out with the camera this morn, but not spectacularly happy with anything…. Yet 🙂
      How about you??


      1. Lots of rain and clouds here – weekend looking good and I may have an abandoned power plant in my sights for Sunday – weather dependent of course – at least it has been warm during the daytime.


      2. Warm sounds good and a certain amount of rain is ok too.
        Hope your weekend proves to be fun and a worthwhile trip…all being well.
        Sounds interesting 🙂 Enjoy.


    1. Thanks Leanne. We definitely need the sunshine to make us happy… Hence I suppose the name and affect of the winter blues.
      The sun is trying hard here today, but there’s little warmth… But its still sunny!! 😀
      Stay warm.


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