International II

Here is more of an overall view… or thereabouts.. of the ‘part’ tow truck shown in the previous post.

International 2

I found this (and the old Holden being towed by it) sitting in someone’s front driveway as a garden entry ornament?!!  Really looks fabulous…and it’s quirky with a mix of old and new.

When I found this, I was using my 50mm lens (which I think equates to about 75mm on my Dx camera – is that right?).  I kind of like the limitations it places on me and makes me think hopefully more creatively to use the window I have…. plus there was the added distraction of having the owner watching me, not knowing if I should be taking pics… lol.

I’ve enjoyed processing this image, creating an older feel for it, than where it really sits.

Old trucks are one of my favourite things 🙂

30 thoughts on “International II

    1. PS Wanted to say how much I love the comical quality of your doggie image. It’s great!
      Am having trouble leaving comments everywhere presently, so thought I”d take the opportunity 🙂


  1. What a great find Robyn, I love it when you find things like this. I love how you have photographed them too. I love reading your words too know, I can hear you saying them.


  2. Great, Robyn, lovely patina of age! I’m a sucker for old things with rust or cobwebs….when I was in Turkey we found an old car (mostly American cars) graveyard. Must post an image or two


  3. Very nice shot considering all the limitations you noted – yes, old rusting hulks are great to shoot. Yes, your math is correct on the DX – it is about a 1.5 factor for focal lengths and I would have liked to have had on wider lens too.


    1. Thanks Robert. I thought you’d know about the lens.
      The surrounds were limiting and up close as the wire fence shadows suggest.
      ‘Rusting old hulks’ ..I like that and yes most enjoyable 🙂


    1. Thats great to know. Thank you Robyn! 🙂
      I really love old cars, trucks etc.
      I hope you’re recovering from your awesome art collaboration week.
      (Have been watching, but unable to leave messages on .coms presently).
      Hope it was great!!!


  4. You are giving me ideas as there’s a few old vehicles “decorating” paddocks near SO’s but the weather, and the fact that I was a passenger at the time, prevented me from plodding across paddocks to snap them. I also have the restriction of an auto camera with fixed lens so need to be creative with the manual setting and I also didn’t have my stand with me.


  5. Great shot Robyn! I like the processing on this one. I also like to use prime lenses as they make you think a little more about how to get the shot. A zoom is nice, but they don’t force you to be more creative. I think once you get used to shooting a prime though, you may use your zoom in a different way thinking of it as multiple primes. 🙂


    1. Thanks Justin… So glad you like it 🙂
      The only processing on this one is to saturate the yellow a bit more… It was a late sunny afternoon, with glorious light!!
      The 50mm is a favourite of mine, although I admit to being fickle and having other faves at other times too 🙂


      1. I think we all change which lens is our favorite. Sometimes I like my ultra wide the most. Right now I am liking my 105mm macro lens the most as that is what I’ve been using recently. In the end I think my favorite lens is going to be the one that is able to get me the shot that I want based on the type of photography I am doing. This coming up weekend I think I will favor my ultra wide as I’m hoping to get some landscape shots. 🙂


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