Mother of Millions

Mother of Millions

I thought this was a gorgeous sight when I saw it… I still do.. the plant in the spotlight of the sun, the dappled shade… the background… combined with the harmonious colours of this ‘unknown to me’ succulent.

I thought I’d do some research.

It appears after doing some research that this herbaceous plant is commonly known as ‘Mother of Millions’.  Evidently ‘Mother of Millions’ which was originally a native of Madagascar has become a huge garden jumper and a real pest.

Mother of Millions forms colonies on roadsides and vacant land.  Garden escape. Plants, particularly flowers are poisonous to stock.

Source: Weeds Australia

I thought I’d include a couple of closeups after having found out this information.  I really didn’t focus on the stems etc… but I’ll include them for reference.

I must say I feel disappointed after finding this out… From afar, the plants are extremely grey and ordinary looking… even messy, ugly… but up close, I think they are lovely… but only to look at!!

Best to know for sure!!

26 thoughts on “Mother of Millions

    1. It is interesting isn’t it Laura… and so pretty… up close!
      Hey it’s all good and I know what you mean… and thank you so much!! That’s very nice to hear and greatly appreciated 🙂
      I rely on my emails these days as Reader will give me up to the moment posts and then sometimes posts from a day ago straight after… What? Where are the rest? 😛


      1. I might have to switch to emails instead go the reader. It’s been acting strangely lately…and your blog is one I’ve bookmarked on the reader. Go figure!


    1. I kept thinking exactly that as I was writing this post Robert 🙂
      I had no idea when I saw it.. Just thought it was beautiful.
      We certainly have our share here too.


    1. They are amazing Cybele. At the place I took these photos, they were indeed on the roadside and taking over the bush and surrounds. The flowers are so perfect and so pretty.


  1. Robyn, so glad you took the time to research this plant…we had them growing in our last garden and after 11 years still had not eradicated them. What is so sad is some people try to sell them as ‘succulents’ because they are completely ignorant to their status. In the Blue Mountains they are listed on the Weeds List. (And other places as you have noted) Blandiflordia is an Australian native which would be a great substitute for this plant.
    I’m loving your work by the way!
    I hope it hasn’t been too cold out your way. xxx D.


    1. Thanks a lot Justin… yes the stems are really creepy… it’s the best word for them.. and they’re amazing.
      In a way the flowers and stems are an odd combination. Interesting 🙂


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