Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Between

It’s been a while since I played along in the weekly challenge


This week I felt that this image fit the brief 🙂

I didn’t know where I’d ever use this shot, but I couldn’t walk on by without capturing this moment.  Some kind person placed this little lost toy..’up’.. just in case the little child returns hopeful.

Strange the things that move you… as a Mum (no young ones anymore) this one tugged at my heart strings… plus I loved the beautiful dappled shade 😉

23 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Between

  1. Yes, the dappled shade out of focus adds to the shot – this is one of those shots that had you not taken it, you would have been forever kicking yourself. Nice treatment in the processing as well.


    1. I think you’re right Robert. I find it strange that this sticks in my recent thoughts… So Im glad I did take it 🙂 I guess its not the sort of thing I see often. The shade was lovely and deep with the touches of sun you see.
      Thanks on the treatment too. I always appreciate your thoughts 🙂


  2. Great capture and just right for a mono. It’s funny, I often think about the owners when I see someone has picked up a lost hat, or little shoe and left it somewhere like this 🙂


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