Camellia suggestion

It’s Camellia time here in Australia presently and while out walking the other day I was enjoying the lovely variations of Camellias as I was wandering. I don’t grow them… yet 🙂

I picked this pretty pink flower with a view to having a closer look.


I love the heavily coated pollen-y stamens and the texture of the petals.

13 thoughts on “Camellia suggestion

  1. Are they a fragrant flower? – sure looks like it should be from you picture. I was expecting to see a Princess Leia somewhere in the background on this one 🙂


    1. This camellia has no scent at all. They should be scented You’re right!.
      Leia might be up somewhere soon… or someone else.
      Didn’t think I’d SWs bomb you all at once 😛


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