Get to Know – Robyn’s Fine Arts Journal

Today, Im happy to share a little about myself and my journey so far, in an Interview with Laura πŸ™‚
My many thanks to you, for taking an interest in what I do.
Gotta love this great community of ours!!

Laura Macky Photography

I’ve seen others here do introductions to photographers they enjoy, so I thought I might do this once in awhile as well.Β  I learn so much from others here, the way they work, and the images they create.Β  It really is a wonderful place to expand on the hobby we all love so much.

Lately I’ve been enjoying the closer shots and finding out how they’re done, so I thought I’d introduce you to Robyn’s Fine Arts Journal blog.Β  I really think Robyn has a great eye and I love the exchanges we have in our blogs too.Β  πŸ™‚Β  To me, that’s what makes Word Press a special place…the friends we meet along the way.Β  Being the curious sort, I asked her a few questions and she graciously answered, so I put the interview here for you along with a gallery of her images.Β Β  To me, her images have a…

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