24 thoughts on “Clover

      1. Its very true and the fireplace is the best place to sit right now 🙂
        Are you enjoying your summer or is it the hottest part right now?
        Do you get high humidity?


      2. Yes, being beside the fire in the wintertime here is great – I have to remind myself that as I’m stacking wood in the hot weather 🙂
        We are ramping up to the hazy, hot and humid days of August now. Heat for me is not an issue, but the humidity is the killer – which is why we both like our travels to the western US – it is nice and dry.


      3. Gathering the wood is hard work, but totally worth it when winter comes 🙂
        We get the awful humidity too… Cant stand it!!! I wondered if you did in your climate. Escaping it is the best way, especially when /if crawling around in kevlar!? 🙂
        Enjoy your next travels!!


      4. Thanks! Heading to Pittsburgh, PA next week and will do a final visit to the Glass factory and some new places along the way – let’s see what i come back with (aside from dehydration :-))


      5. Will do and will look forward to your posts.
        I had a look at the PA glass factory. So interesting again.
        The old buildings are wonderful and it sounds like they have put the area to good use with studios etc. these days. Have fun!


  1. I’ve got clovers in my yard but I’ve never seen a clover flower. Never let them grow large enough I guess.

    You may be tired of the winter weather there but I miss it here. I told my wife that we need to get a house in Australia to live in while it is summer here so I don’t have to deal with the heat. She hates the cold though so quickly disagreed. lol


    1. Lol… I can understand that Justin. Tell your wife I don’t like the cold either, although Im happy enough with a fireplace to warm the bones.
      2 winters is better than the heat for sure… And Aussie winters would be mostly considered mild compared to yours.
      When Im out next, I’ll see if I can find another clover flower… I’ll try to get a detailed shot for you to have a look at 🙂


      1. I’ve looked at the average year round temps on Aussie. That place and Ireland seem like two places I could live all year round and be mostly happy as the winters aren’t too cold and the summers aren’t too hot. I’ve also looked into jobs and find that I could make the move if I really want to as there are plenty of jobs in my field. I’m more willing to make the move than my wife though as she’s more attached to her family that I am to mine.

        So you are going to go out looking for a shot just for me? I guess i technically did the same for you with the clock. lol


      2. Yes, why not Justin? Its fun to share this passion with like minded folks and friends across the globe. I wont promise anything too soon… My back is presently giving me some grief, but you never know. I’ll keep an eye out 🙂
        Thought you’d like to see a clover flower… They are a tidy little flower and a little unusual.
        Aussie summers, I think are hot! ..and humid, although depends on where you are. Its a vast country with differing climates.
        My hubby would be the same as you 🙂


    1. Thanks Lisa… On the farm we are presently getting cold, wet and blustery weather. Presently the sun is shining….for now 😉
      Hope you enjoy a nice day today or tomorrow and can enjoy outside a little… Or a lot! 🙂


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