White Clover flowers

Clover flowers are very pretty. They’re quite small, but not teeny and definitely worth a closer look.


There are different types of clover.

These particular flowers are from the White Clover plant (Trifolium repens) and measure approx 7/8 of 1 inch across at the widest part. I picked these while wandering in the rain the other day.

I thought I’d do a little research to share with these images.

White clover is a perennial legume that grows from seed or runners. It has a low tolerance to drought and a high frost tolerance.

It is widely sown throughout the world and has become naturalised in temperate and sub-tropical climates in all States of Australia where the rainfall exceeds 600 mm. An estimated six million hectares of pastures contain white clover in Australia, predominantly in the eastern States.

Source: Dept Agriculture and Food

It is used as pasture for sheep and dairy cattle.

Here ya go Justin πŸ™‚

22 thoughts on “White Clover flowers

    1. Hi Laura.. and a good Aussie morning to you πŸ™‚ Thanks.
      Drought is a terrible thing and I think makes it worse in the heat.
      We’re still considered ‘in drought’ over here too even though we’ve had rain this year.
      Wishing you some much needed rain!!


      1. What’s shakin’ Robyn! That’s a Californian good morning to you! hahahaha Seriously, I don’t talk like that. But yeah, I heard about your drought too and all the fires last year. Just awful! Thank you for your rainy wishes!! πŸ˜€


      2. Lol Laura… Well its morning again πŸ™‚
        Its like a merry go round πŸ˜›
        Thanks for your CA wishes… Think its raining here today. Sending some your way!


    1. Hello Vera and welcome πŸ™‚
      Thanks for your lovely and appreciated comment.
      Ah yes… Good luck… Such a pretty thing for good luck too πŸ™‚
      I haven’t seen any 4 leaf clovers yet, but I keep looking.


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