Vehicle Abstracts #1

As I sit here typing this afternoon, it’s been snowing outside and inclement weather is closing in.  I’m feeling very thankful for my warm fireplace 🙂

Another thing I’m thankful for – I managed to get out the other day in between rain and weather to wander with my camera.  I visited the old jalopy again, that is such a favourite of mine – this time looking at it in a different way.  I thought I’d share these with you.

Today’s image is a partial view of the dashboard.


I love nature’s complimentary colours – the green moss and red rust.  As you can see there are signs of age everywhere!


26 thoughts on “Vehicle Abstracts #1

    1. It’s pretty exciting when it snows here Justin.
      It only happens every couple of years 🙂
      We woke up to a white cover today, so I’ve been out with the camera!


  1. Rust is always great to capture, good one Robyn. I can’t believe you have snow!!! They keep promising us rain but so far it hasn’t come 😦


    1. Thanks Lee… glad you like it… this rust has obviously been weathering for some years.
      I know, snow!! We do get snow here every couple of years or more depending on the season, but this morning was pretty white, so I’ve been out with the camera 🙂 Wishing you some much needed rain!!!


    1. Thanks heaps Lisa… I was delighted to discover these details.
      I thought you might have snow.
      I’ve been out wandering this morning taking snowy pics. Still snowing now.
      We have a white cover although, not too deep… but it’s snow!! 🙂


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