29 thoughts on “Snowy Morn..

  1. How magical! Keep warm, Robyn. We’ve got the cold wind off the snow but no snow here 🙂 and a beautiful sunny day to go with it.


    1. Ah that sounds lovely Lee 🙂
      The wind off the snow is always brisk enough anyway… We’ve got light fluffy snow falling again 1.40pm.
      It’s a by the fire day today Lee!


    1. Yes… Lol, I know it is for you. We don’t ever get a few feet here, but others parts of Australia do 😀
      Its mostly cleared now, but its still cold and snowing somewhere for sure!! Brrr!


    1. Its still cold here too Livonne… Temps are dropping again!
      They were forecasting snow for the mountains… I wondered if you’d get any.
      Stay warm 🙂


  2. That’s so weird, i forget that in some places it’s winter now! We are burning from the heat here, it’s actually refreshing to see some snow 🙂 A very nice view!


  3. Beautiful shot of snow. I love snow and I hear it is snowing in my old hometown of Orange where also the snow doesn’t really settle. I don’t like the cold but always envious and jealous when it snows down south. Thanks for reminding me of what I’m missing. It really is magical!


    1. Thanks Kaz.. It is fun, but cccold!! We have similar temps to Orange and today the highest was 3.5deg C + wind chill. Ah but thats winter 😀 Thanks for sharing your memory. Snow makes everything magical 🙂


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