Interview with Lisa Kimmorley

Lisa Kimmorley is a fellow blogger and photographer here on WordPress.  I really enjoy Lisa’s work and the beautiful images she shares on her site.  I like her style 🙂


I found myself wanting to know more about Lisa and her photography… and wondered if she’d be happy to answer a few questions.  She said yes.  Thanks so much Lisa 🙂

Here are the questions I asked, combined with some of her wonderful images below.

1) Would you share a little about yourself relating to your photography.. and where did your journey begin?

I first started taking photos when I was about 16.
My father gave me firstly his old Zenith and then his old Ricoh KR10 SLR.  I was instantly hooked, and became even more so when I learnt how to work in a darkroom.
I bought my first DSLR in 2010 and finally started shooting in RAW about 15 months ago and haven’t looked back since.

2) What and / or Who inspires you?

Some of the people that inspire me are Frank Hurley, David Attenborough, Don McCullin, Sandra Bartocha – the list is endless.
Also, one of my biggest sources of inspiration is nature.  I am constantly amazed by things I see – patterns, textures, animals, the weather.
Having a job that is mostly outside I think has heightened my observations of even very subtle changes in the seasons and shifting light.

3) Do you have a favourite photography style?

I love black and white, macro and natural abstracts.
I also really enjoy doing very stark landscapes in summer.  One of the reasons I think I am drawn to these landscapes is because coming from the UK and even after 12 years in Australia, these environments can sometimes still look quite alien, but in a good way.

4) What are your favourite pieces of photography equipment?

My polarising filters come everywhere and the last camera I bought, which is a Nikon Df. 
For me this camera has really excellent low light capabilities which suits the way I photograph – generally on the fly, very often handheld and my favourite time is just before or at sunrise.

5) Tea, Coffee or Chocolate?

All three (although it must be very dark chocolate) and of course a good glass of Pinot Noir!
Many thanks to Robyn for sharing my images and a little info about me 🙂
Below are some of the images Lisa has chosen to share with us.
Please pop over to Lisa’s site to say hello and to see more of her work! 🙂

A few words of thanks.

~ Once again, many thanks to Lisa for agreeing to share her work here on my site.
~ Thanks to Leanne and Laura who have done the same for me 😀
~ ..and thanks to You, the people who pass on by, read and comment!
PS I will be out and about a bit today, so will approve comments when I can 🙂

29 thoughts on “Interview with Lisa Kimmorley

  1. It has been such a pleasure to share my images and some info on Robyn’s wonderful blog. The blogging community is a treasure trove of very talented and supportive people 🙂


    1. Thanks Lisa 🙂 Its been a real pleasure for me too… Sharing your fabulous work on my blog and with our fantastic blogging community!


  2. I have followed Lisa’s work for some time now – and with every post she shows a consistent creative skill that many of us can only hope to occasionally have. Her work is top notch but gives you the feeling of being relaxed and natural. By all means check out her site – you will not be disappointed.


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