Mint…. just mint…

Well it was… just mint 🙂

Mint. Just mint?

This lovely fresh mint sits on my kitchen window sill.  I felt these beautiful greens needed a little pop of colour.. so I added a teeny lady bug element.  It’s computer generated… not mine this time… but I like the way it finishes this image.

PS I think this one has to be under the tagline – ‘making the magic in everyday’ 🙂

21 thoughts on “Mint…. just mint…

  1. Perfect – just hits the spot (groan!). Very nice 🙂 The wind here is shocking today (averaging 72 kph at mo) and about an hour to go before a HUGE band of really heavy rain arrives.


    1. Ha ha puns abound! 😀
      Thanks Lisa.. Another little piece of teeny fun.
      Yes we’re battening down the hatches too and getting ready for a temperature drop. Yuk. Well, it is August. Hope you stay out of the awful wind and that the rain is just wet and not damaging.
      Will be thinking of you x


  2. I think you did a great job. If I didn’t read I wouldn’t have known you put that lady bug in there. It looks natural. It also looks like this photo could have been taken in your backyard vs. on the window sill. I’m going to be posting my photo of the clover flower in a day or two! 🙂


    1. Thanks Justin 🙂
      Im very pleased to hear that. I guess thats what I aim for unless Im being overtly ‘descriptive’.. Will look for your clover version 🙂


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