Here is the story that goes with this image…


The lady bug wakes

Scurry, scurry runs the lady bug across the mandarin

Snap, Snap goes the camera!

Phlllerrrr…  goes the lady bug’s wings getting ready to fly away

“Hey wait”, says the camera owner, “I’m not finished yet”…

Scurry, scurry runs the lady bug.. then she flies away.

The End.. of the this very exciting little tale 🙂

I’m pretty sure this is not the ‘good sort’ of lady bug… as far as I know any bugs that are orange are a warning to ‘others’ not to eat them.

25 thoughts on “Scurry…

  1. Beautiful as always – is this from your garden? I love your DOF here and the light is just perfect! You seem to always evoke the other senses with your images – this one I can almost smell the mandarin and the ladybird is the icing on the cake (I did chuckle at your ‘story’) 🙂


    1. What a lovely comment… Thank you Lisa.
      I appreciate all you’ve said 🙂
      Yes this mandarin is from my our tree.. The lady bug was a surprise bonus 😀
      Glad you had a bit of a


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