Light, surface and texture…

Today I’ve been experimenting with light and surface.  I love the way light hits a surface and changes it, revealing it’s sometimes hidden texture or lack of it.

Light changes things!!


I revisited some Autumn leaves that I kept… and my seashells.  The light touching these items was changing as I was shooting.  A fun little experiment.

When I was writing this post I wasn’t aware it was also the Weekly Photo Challenge topic, but hey it works, so I’m including this for the week’s challenge – Texture 🙂

Play becomes joy, joy becomes work, work becomes play.

Johannes Itten

Here’s a gallery with some of the images.

25 thoughts on “Light, surface and texture…

  1. Very nice work Robyn – yes, texture is brought out by directional light as you have illustrated. I like the spiral shots the best in this series – warm and muted colors do work with these.


    1. Thank you Cybele.. I appreciate this lovely comment.
      I do approach my photography from an art perspective, hoping to apply what I’ve been taught… and there are things that just appeal 🙂
      I hope there are some flowers in my very near future.. I’m in need of some flowers 😉


    1. Thanks Lisa… I always appreciate your thoughts and comments 🙂
      I thought the same thing about the leaf. It is old so I imagine it has become hardened, perhaps adding to the effect, with the angle of the light.

      How is it down south? We’re getting real Springy days, but with a cold wind… not entirely August weather!


  2. After clouds and trees, you have captured my two next fav subjects: shells and leaves! Beautiful photos and agree with you that light reflecting on a surface in a specific way can indeed alter our perception of its surface. Great job and thanks for sharing 🙂


    1. Hello Gale and welcome! Thanks for your comment.
      So glad you enjoyed the post and the subjects 🙂
      I’m always looking up at the clouds and trees too!


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