Dianthus Shimmer

Oh my WordPress… you’re keeping me on my toes today. Changes!!  😉


This morning I was watching the gorgeous light streaming in the window.. so I did a bit of light chasing… with a pot of flowers…lol… more experimenting?.. or perhaps just greedy for lovely light! 🙂

28 thoughts on “Dianthus Shimmer

    1. Thanks Cybele… I really appreciate this comment.
      I do approach my photography from the fine art side of things. I love discoveries and the unexpected! 🙂


  1. Nice shot Robyn! One thing that I’ve been noticing more since learning a bit more about bokeh is that you can tell the quality of the lens for bokeh photography. Typically you want your bokeh to be more round with less corners, if that makes sense. In this photograph you can tell that the quality of the bokeh was not the main priority for this lens as there’s a lot of straight edges on the bokeh elements. I think there are two things that need to be considered if choosing a good quality lens for bokeh photography. The first is to find out if the aperture blades are rounded or not and the second is the number of blades. For optimum results, I would think you would aim for more blades that are rounded as it would have more of a chance of translating to the more circular bokeh. I’m not sure if you’ve even just taken a lens and open and closed the aperture (without it connected to the camera) and paid attention to how it looks when it’s closed more vs. wide open. From what I notice is that the more wide open it is, the more the shape stands out vs. a nice circle. This is why I think that more blades will help with keeping the circle rather than having lines show up. But of course, with more blades and higher quality, you get higher prices. Something to think about though the next time you are in the market to purchase a new lens. I always find that the lenses are the most important investment in photography, the camera should somewhat be an afterthought as it will be upgraded far more often than the lenses.


    1. Thanks for all your thoughts here Justin! Glad you like the shot.
      It was taken with my new birthday lens 🙂 85mm 1.8. I love it! The bokeh wasn’t my main consideration here.. I found it…but this time it couldn’t be round… This was taken inside with light bouncing off a crinkly surface, hence the weirdness. I liked the weirdness and abstraction 🙂
      I understand your description of the lens shapes… Haven’t looked at this one in this way.. But I will do. Think we could have a great technical discussion over tea or coffee 😀
      Presently Im not setting out to find bokeh, but I do love it in the right setting.
      As always I appreciate your thoughts!


  2. You can’t be greedy over lovely light- there’s just so much of it, enough to go around! No, it was you experimenting again. With lovely light. And your experiment was successful!!


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