Monochrome Madness – week 25

25 weeks of Monochrome… how mad is that?!!  This challenge has inspired us for almost half a year… I can’t imagine not doing it 🙂  Thanks to Leanne and Laura!

I’ve been stuck inside lots lately with the weather and this week was no exception, so I’ve been photographing different flowers. My MM entry this week is another flower… a Polyanthus.

Here it is in monochrome..


..and the original colour version.


Pop on over to Leanne’s blog to see all the MM entries.. It’s always very inspiring.. and you meet the nicest people 🙂

12 thoughts on “Monochrome Madness – week 25

  1. Lovely Robyn, I really like both versions. I love Polyanthus, they shout spring along with the bulbs. Looks like a fantastic week of weather coming for us – hope it is for you too 🙂


    1. Thanks Lisa… Glad you like both. The yellow is always a challenge.
      The polyanthus are always lovely… Yes a sign of spring! The daffodils are budding 🙂
      We’re usually about 2-3 days behind you guys weatherwise. Glad you’re going to have good weather. Good luck finishing at work.


  2. Great to see the two side by side. Sometimes it’s good to be stuck inside and see all the rich subjects that are our immediate surroundings. I think you’ve given me my next post; and I agree you do meet the nicest of people 🙂


    1. Glad you think so and again, many thanks.
      I do agree about being inside. When I ‘have’ to be inside, anything is fair game 😉
      Cant wait to read your next post! You’re one of those people! 😀


  3. Good conversion here Robyn. I’m impressed that the yellows rendered so smooth and white in your mono image. Great job with the post processing. seems like you gave the one in the foreground a bit of a white boost too – I like the way it stands out.


    1. Thanks Robert… I was very surprised too at how white and smooth the whites came up. Surprise! Love that 🙂
      Good eye there 🙂 Yes i did bring the flower in the foreground forward slightly. It needed it.
      The yellows were way over the top… the flowers are lovely and very fresh and bright.


    1. Thanks Elina… Yes the yellow is wonderful fresh and cheery and perfect to look at. The mono makes a nicer image I think, depending on your preference 🙂
      Yellow looks lovely on my kitchen window sill.


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