29 thoughts on “Tea Party

  1. A rosy look at the Rose Cottage spoon and tea cup. I know how you must feel – everything get sort of soggy after so much rain – every footstep ends with a “squish” – better shooting days are coming 🙂


    1. Rosy indeed 🙂
      Thanks… yes I was out again this afternoon, after the rain… with the doggies… very soggy indeed!
      Gorgeous skies this afternoon.
      Looking forward to outside, but happily finding inside stuff until then 🙂


  2. Great set of shots Robyn, and nice to see you over on Flickr! If you’ve ever noticed, when it rains it helps bring out the colors in a lot of objects. I’ve been wanting to get out and photography right after the rain to capture some of that, but just not able to any time that happens. I’m hoping to one day get the proper gear to go out and photograph in the rain. I think it would be a nice experience. But I’m also drawn to photograph many things with the element of water in any shape or form.


    1. Thanks very much Justin!
      Yes thought I should get back onto Flickr. I appreciate the follow there too 🙂
      Its been raining here overnight and as I look out my window this morning, the grass is a deeper green. It is refreshing!
      I think you and I share the same affinity for water in its different forms.
      Ive been out shooting water droplets on gum leaves in the rain (not this morning, but another time)… Not equipped at all though with proper gear… Ha ha.. Juggling an umbrella in one hand, camera in the other… Lol
      Thanks for the comment 🙂


      1. I know exactly what you mean about not seeing things, it’s so true! Sometimes we just have to pay a little more attention to appreciate the ‘simpler’ things in life.


    1. Thank you Lora… I am very pleased you like it.
      Yes natural light.. and slower speeds 🙂
      Actually Ive just been pondering… there may have been some soft overhead light too.


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