Rain in the hills

A change of pace for me… and an outside post! 🙂

Saturday was another rainy day and a ‘liquorice all sorts’ kind of day – rain, sun, teeny hail – all sorts… and a nice day for a drive.

At one point we stopped on the roadside to take some photos.. this is what we saw.

‘Rain in the hills’ – a beautiful sight.

Rain in the hills

Rain in the hills 2

Rain in the hills 3

These photos were taken in the foothills on the Western side of the Blue Mountains NSW Australia.

43 thoughts on “Rain in the hills

    1. Morning from here Robert 🙂 ..and thanks!
      It was great to be out and about… even driving around… it was so pretty.
      PS I have some catching up to do on my blog reading… head down with work presently 😉


    1. Thanks Lisa.. You know first hand, how quickly the clouds and light are moving in this weather… there definitely was ‘silent drama’.
      Hope your day is a good one! Im head down with work, but will catch up with my blog reading soon 🙂


    1. Thank you Laura.. It was such a pretty sight!
      We were driving along and had to stop… The light, the rain, the rolling hills.
      Amazing to see it all happening.
      You’ve been ‘so’ on my mind 🙂 x


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