The Sky won’t snow and the Sun won’t shine..

Grey, grey, grey, grey, grey, grey, grey!!!!  It’s so hard to see colour on days like these…

Sky won't snow_Sun won't shine

The sky won’t snow and the sun won’t shine…

I heard these words this morning and thought… that’s exactly how it is… so even though these are not photo worthy days, I decided to capture that grey feeling…

It may be rainin’, but there’s a rainbow above you…

..and then I think back to only yesterday… another grey and rainy day… I saw the most magnificent rainbow I’ve ever seen.. a promise.. and I chose to stand and enjoy the moment instead of running for the camera.  It was beautiful and it made me smile. So rich and full of colour with a backdrop of the darkest sky.

Quoted words as I’m sure you know (for those of us who grew up when their music was everywhere) are from the Eagles song, Desperado.

Maybe I’ll see another rainbow this afternoon 🙂

40 thoughts on “The Sky won’t snow and the Sun won’t shine..

  1. Hey Robyn … I do that. Stand round enjoying things like rainbows and sunshine when it’s there. And now the weather here too is grey and I have The Garden Share Collective post this weekend. Oh what grey fun that shall be LOL!


    1. Hey back Jules 🙂 Im glad someone else does. Those moments are so important.. and beautiful.
      Whatever you shoot will be beautiful. Get in close… and get hubby to carry some electric or battery powered sunshine for you 🙂
      Look forward to it!


  2. This is such a beautiful image. So often colour isn’t necessary when the story is so dramatic and atmospheric as this is. For some reason the poetry of Yeats is running through my mind. This is going to be one of my favourite photos:-)


    1. Todays are the dim and the dark cloths Andrew…and still so.
      Such beautiful poetry.
      Im so glad you like this image… I love the view… always… But today I got stuck on grey until I remembered the rainbow 🙂
      Thank you for the inspiration!


  3. Days of transition from winter to spring – the wait is the same as we all once had for Christmas morning – it can’t come soon enough…The sky won’t snow and the sun won’t shine, but see here’s this friend of mine, she gets her shots most every time (sorry Eagles fans) 🙂

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    1. Ha ha how very true… The changing of seasons IS like waiting for Christmas day!
      Gee Robert, you should take up song writing… Made me smile BIG… thanks 🙂
      In this instance I felt I needed to go with it and I saw the sun this afternoon. Yahoo!


  4. Your photo is so beautiful Robyn! 🙂 But I know how the grey feels when it lasts longer… it’s all ahead of us in the winter and early spring next year. Seeing a rainbow is always so lovely, I actually saw one here yesterday. Didn’t have my camera with me either. 🙂 I hope sunny days will be with you soon!

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    1. Thanks Elina 🙂 Grey is so drab… Its not like monochrome… Its just grey 😉
      Yes its our turn presently, but Spring will be here before we know it. Hope you’re enjoying the end of summer. Do you get the humidity or just the heat?
      Rainbows are so beautiful aren’t they? I saw some sun this afternoon 😀


      1. Our summers are not very predictable and can be quite different each year. But usually in July we get a hot period… it can be humid also but not always. At the moment it’s already cooler and raining and thundering daily. 🙂 I hope after this rainy period there will be a beautiful autumn ahead of us.
        Glad to hear you saw the sun and I’m sure you are looking forward to Spring. 🙂


      2. Its good that you don’t always get the humidity. Far more enjoyable without it. Wishing you a beautifully colourful Autumn and yes I am looking forward to Spring. Spring and Autumn are my favourite seasons 🙂

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    1. Thanks… Very introspective Laura and grey 😉
      I love rainy days… But I admit.. Too many in a row makes me wanna bust outside… and I did just that yesterday afternoon 😀


      1. Yes I so agree Laura… Strangely we are still in drought also and still dry in too many places. When the rain stops the dust is right under the surface.
        We are getting some though now, for which we are thankful… even on erk grey days. Wishing you some much needed rain.
        When in drought, you wonder if it will ever rain again. I know we did.
        Rain is such a wonderful thing after the long dry spells.
        Hope I didn’t contradict myself… Lol… Yesterday was soooo grey. I couldn’t see colour at all, even where there was some 😉


    1. Hi Robyn… yes its true… A lovely tranquil setting and definitely a jumper (sweater) or two and warm drinks.
      Thanks. I love the sunshine through the rain.. and I received those rays yesterday 🙂


    1. Thanks 🙂 I thought Id go with it in this instance 🙂
      Wishing you sunshine and rain in the right amounts 🙂
      We’ve had a couple of sunny days now which has been delightful.


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