Micro Dew

This morning I was out for a wander in the remnants of a frost, with ice turning to water.

Here is one of the things I saw… with a ‘touch’ of artistic license added regarding colour 😉


I’m always truly amazed at the things beneath our feet – the things we never know are there.

Edit: I should add – this tiny blade of grass was sitting in the shadows.. and even though this image is not full of light – I love that the droplets pick up some of the reflected light.

38 thoughts on “Micro Dew

  1. Seen this around the time you posted and have been wanting to comment but haven’t found the time until now. I think this is a great shot. I’ve been trying to getting around to shooting more photos with water drops. This past weekend I made it out for a sunrise shoot at a beach about an hour away and there was a wooden fence post with some barb wire on it and a spiderweb with small dew drops. I was able to capture a shot with the sun reflecting through a bigger one with a small amount of light reflecting off the smaller dew drops. I haven’t had the time to take a close look at it or process it yet but from glancing at the photos I took I know I got a nice one. I’ll hopefully be posting it in the next week or to. I’ve decided to bypass the rest of my winter shots to start posting more of my recent work. Keep up the good work! 🙂

    It’s always nice to see what you come up with as it always gives me some ideas on what to shoot when I can get out.


    1. Hi Justin… I can so relate to the finding time thing presently.
      Thanks for your comment 🙂
      Your beach sunrise sounds really beautiful.. Look forward to seeing them when you get a chance to post.
      So happy to be of inspiration. Im very much into ‘shooting within my circumstances’ this year, due to my back, but I love finding these little treasures!
      Gotta love water 😉 …drops or oceans!


      1. I hope you find a resolution for your back as it always sucks to have something go wrong that affects the long term things in your life. I am hoping that I stay in good shape for as long as possible to be able to enjoy more as I get older. I’ve also taken steps in trying to help prevent things happening to my kids in the future as well so hopefully it’ll pay off. Only time will tell.


      2. Thanks Justin… Slowly, slowly Im told.
        Its very limiting, but Ive decided to work within my limitations… and in the mean time Im working hard to regain my strength.
        It took me by surprise as Ive always been a pretty active person, but Ive sat for my whole working life and this is where it all stems from.
        All is well though 🙂 Thinking I should change my name to ‘back door / yard photography’ lol
        Its good to think ahead for you and your family. Good on you 🙂


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