Difference a day makes…

Thought I’d share with you how yesterday – our Spring Snow day – finished up.  The contrast from morning to afternoon, I think, is simply amazing.  I never tire of nature’s beauty in all it’s forms.

In my previous post – Spring Snow – the day started out verrry unexpectedly snowy… and this image below,  is how the same day ended. The light was stunning…and it really is that green!

Snow Day Afternoon

As you can see, I’m making the most of a bit of power while it lasts!

26 thoughts on “Difference a day makes…

    1. Hello Justin 🙂 Yes, definitely two seasons and such extremes.
      Im very sure you’re right about the experience.
      Thanks for all the likes too. They are appreciated. I will visit your site very soon also 🙂


      1. No problem Robyn. I was finally able to catch up with all your posts and enjoyed the photos very much. I’ve been quite busy with things I haven’t been able to keep up like I used to. I was getting tired out rather quickly trying to juggle everything like I was, but now I’ve been a little refreshed and think I may take breaks here and there to allow for some time to breath. It does help quite a bit.


      2. I know exactly what you mean Justin… I’ve been a bit scarce here and there myself..different circumstances I am sure, but similar time wise 🙂
        Glad you could pop by… I’m happy to catch up when we are able.
        Also glad you’re feeling a bit refreshed now… Keep it up!!


  1. What a difference – but it confirms my last thought in the comment I made on the ‘snowscene’ version of this. As seen here, this is an image I think I would have walked past. But the snow drew out of it those intersecting fence lines and created drama. Fascinating to see it a few hours later.


    1. Yes a completely different image. You are so right. All of the lines disappear into the landscape. My husband and I often comment, that this is such a pretty view, but not always a photographic view.
      I did have to share this though… to compare… The light and vivid greens were wonderful and created a fleeting moment of interest and beauty. The snow was a bit louder 😀


      1. You are obviously on farmland then. I hadn’t thought about snow burning the grass but of course it must. I mean frosts burn off grass and plants don’t they?


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