A couple of weeks ago I was given a mixed bunch of Australian native flowers… I knew they wouldn’t last a long time – some will tend to keep their shape and become dry – so I wanted to photograph them while they are fresh.  As you can see in this flower, the petals are showing signs of age already.


This flower – one I’m unfamiliar with – measures approximately 4 inches across.  At a glance, it is quite ordinary looking – in fact it doesn’t really look like a flower, but more like greenery.  With a closer look though, the texture is beautiful and I love the way the wrapped centre – which is very much like lemon skin – appears to be embellished with black cross stitches.

Nature rarely disappoints 🙂

28 thoughts on “Stitched

    1. Thanks so much Carrie.
      I’ve probably seen these before but not really looked.. At a closer look, it really is quite extraordinary…
      You never know what you’ll see with a closer look. Gotta love detail 🙂


  1. Last night, for some reason, my wife turned off all the lights and lit every candle in the living room. If it had been in the bedroom I might have had a better idea of what she had in mind. But that just made me think I want to try using candle light to illuminate a scene, a flower, a still life of some kind. I love the shading of the petals, the texture, and the cross stitching effect you mention. Beautiful!


    1. Thanks, Im very glad you like it. This was natural light with a curtain pulled to create shadow. I did want to bring out the textures, but wanted to try colour of sorts before I went straight to mono. The flower is actually a muted green.
      Hope you tried the candle…lol… I’ve tried it a couple of times, but nothing that that I thought was shareworthy.
      Wives do those things 😉
      I really appreciate your comment. Thanks Emilio!


    1. Thanks heaps Lisa 🙂 You wouldn’t give it a second glance ordinarily – I just happened to look through the lens and wow!
      I was amazed! Glad you like it.


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