Stitched ‘soft’ and a challenge

Here I am again today with another view of this unusual flower.  I’ve also given it another treatment which has formulated an idea.. more about that further on in the post.

Here is this same ordinary flower, which is anything but ordinary at a closer glance.

Stitched_Soft Brown_ Robyn Gosby_2014

Somehow, once I’ve finished processing a photo I usually wish there was more – other times, I’m happy it’s done – and this got me to thinking.

I really like to experiment.. so I’ve decided to challenge myself.

My idea is to take 1 image and process it 4 ways – sharing it over 4 weeks – roughly one per week. We’ll see how I go.

If anyone wants to join me in this, let me know.   You’re most welcome!

I’m calling it the One Four Challenge.. at least for now… and I’m thinking that if anyone else does want to join me, we’ll use a linky tool (or something like that) and a tag of ‘One Four Challenge’.

Basically you post on your blog and link your post up to my One Four Challenge post for the week, with the linky tool.  More about this later on  if there are any takers.

I’ll probably start in November which gives me time to find an image I want to spend time on.

What I’m looking forward to is trying different things and even messing about if I want to – there is nothing to lose.  Hopefully it will be fun – spurring along creativity and learning lots more along the way.

I really like the addition of the softness and muted tones to this flower.  Wonder what else I can do with it 🙂

Well I’ve got plenty to fit into today – have a great day and a fabulous weekend, when yours comes around!

25 thoughts on “Stitched ‘soft’ and a challenge

    1. Yep another point of view 🙂 I almost didn’t do this because it’s flat, front on – but hey, it’s a different view 😉
      Thanks heaps as always Cybele xx


    1. Ah you’re very kind 🙂
      Oh good.. I was hoping you would
      I’ll email you the original image remembering it’s on the crusty side 😛
      There are also reddish green ones too.
      Thanks Julie!!!! PS Have a great weekend too 🙂


  1. What an amazing image. I can’t believe you captured the whitered flower so beautifuly, it just shows that beauty can be found anywhere.
    As for the challenge, I am such a sucker for those…So, once you figure out all the details, I’ll try to join in.
    I find that all the challenges I participate in push me to further learn and explore the world of photography, and that means a lot to an amateur like me.


    1. Lora, thanks so much for your comment. Its been an amazing flower to discover, although its quite ordinary. It would be wonderful to have you joining me in this challenge. I definitely agree. I learn so much by challenging myself too.
      The challenge details:
      As this is a 4 week challenge, I thought I’d start in November, so keep an eye out for an image you want to spend time on.
      I’ll post on my blog with my One Four Challenge post – then you leave a link in my comments to your One Four Challenge post and importantly, TAG your post with One Four Challenge 🙂
      We’ll work it out as we go, but simply, link up and tag and share your image.
      We’ll do them in weeks too.
      Example, my first post will be One Four Challenge – Wk 1 Nov or something similar and you’ll link up with your 1st Nov One Four post. Hope this makes sense. Any questions please ask and I’ll describe it all in my first post too.
      This should be some fun and learning combined 😀

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    2. PS Lora… Probably a good idea just to include a link in your post to the weeks post on my site. That way it will leave a pingback and your blog post, so people can visit. 🙂

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  2. A gorgeous photo Robyn! And a wonderful idea for a challenge! I’ll be looking forward to your One Four posts. 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend Robyn!


  3. Robyn, I see the similarities with my latest challenge. Might be an idea as well to put up a post with all four images and a vote at the end of it? Will try and participate, but these days my posts are fewer for reasons of time…….Have fun and thanks for the invite, MM 🍀


    1. John, there are definitely similarities, which is why I mentioned it. Yes definitely a gallery with the 4 pics at the end. I hadn’t thought of a poll, but folks usually mention their favourites anyway. Your participation will always be welcomed. Play along when / if you can. In the mean time, thanks for your support 🙂


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