Time for change – a new name

Happy Monday from Australia!

It’s time for a name change for this blog.  Things change and grow – so do we and the things we are doing, especially in the creative world. We are always moving forward.

I will Survive_sml

When I started this blog 4 years ago, I named it ‘Fine Arts Journal‘ because it was exactly that – a visual online diary for my artworks and photography.

Today I have a different feel for what I am doing, so I want my blog name to reflect my curiosities and experiments.. to share the beauty I find in crazy places, the detailed view of things and a touch of humor here and there.

While this definitely remains an arts journal (my place to share my photography, designs and artworks) and will be as long as I write here – it’s not only that.  For me it’s about the little things, the everyday things, the magic and beauty beneath our feet or above our heads – the things we would be amazed by, if we only knew they were there.

Looking through the lens allows me to see those things – to be amazed at the little worlds within a flower, a dewdrop or a rusty old car –  It captivates me and fascinates me.

My hope is always to translate some of what I see into artworks and also to share some fun, hope and encouragement along the way.

A wordy post? Yes, but I do like words.  So… my new blog name?

“Captivate Me”  (captivate: to attract and hold the attention or interest of, as by beauty or excellence; enchant)  Yes… those  are the things that I’m looking for 🙂

32 thoughts on “Time for change – a new name

  1. A gorgeous photo Robyn, like a scene from a dream world. 🙂 I like the new name a lot! I think whatever you create comes out wonderful! Have a great week ahead Robyn!


  2. Robyn, I try to relate to this. May be I should change my own blog title as it has also moved on a long way. It is what the blog evokes that is important to me, and that is what counts – change the name to whatever you like, this one’s still following. MM 🍀


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