Proteas.. thanks.. and getting ready for the One Four challenge

I thought I’d do one more post – in colour – on the wonderful bunch of native flowers.  It’s been wonderful to study them up closely and now their living days have come to an end…


Australian native flowers can still be pretty wonderful as dried flowers too – but this bunch has become quite dusty, so I’ll say good bye.

I want to say a big thanks to Julie and her Horticulture teacher, who together kindly helped me to work out my mystery flower.  Thanks Julie..and thanks to your teacher!! 🙂

Turns out the mystery flower is a Protea…. Edit: Ooops, got it wrong – It is a Leucodendron in the Proteaceae family!  That’s right. Thanks Jules!!! 😉  I wouldn’t have guessed that, but here it is – a true view of the flower in question, with no artistic alterations.


I’d guess that most of the large flowers in the bunch were in fact Proteas…. nope that may not be right either…lol.. The assorted greenery, little flowers and pods were very interesting too.

Onto the One Four Challenge:

I’ll be posting the very first challenge post next Monday (3rd)  – for our first week in November.

I hope you’re having some fun sorting out which image you’ll be working on for this coming month – if you’re joining us.  I think I’m close to working it out.

For all info relating to the challenge – you can read the post here.  All are welcome to join us –  I think it should be fun and hopefully we’ll learn along the way too.

Have a fantastic weekend – whatever you’re doing – and a Happy Halloween to those who celebrate!!

17 thoughts on “Proteas.. thanks.. and getting ready for the One Four challenge

      1. I know how plant people are – I worked as a photographer for a gardening magazine and the editor would say “shoot that (insert Latin name here)..” and I would tell them they needed to point at what they wanted photographed 🙂


    1. Yes.. Is good yo know what it is. Now to research the others. They’re such curious, amazing flowers. Thanks Cybele xx
      How are your ribs?


    1. I think that’s great LD! To appreciate anything of beauty is worthwhile 🙂
      I’m a gardener from way back – and presently without a garden 😉


  1. Beautiful proteas, Robyn, I need to shoot more of these too, they are such intricate, sculptural and odd looking flowers.

    Now I have a query about the One Four Challenge. How will we see not only your project but that of others from your site? Will you include a list of links to participants’ websites? Do we email you our image? Chris


    1. Thanks for your comment Chris… Proteas are unusual, sculptural and yes, so interesting.
      I’ve only photographed them a few times – but I would certainly look to do more 🙂

      Happy to answer your queries 🙂
      Ok – the way it should happen is similar to that of the Daily Challenges.
      I will post on Mondays – 1,2,3 and 4.

      Links and Pingbacks: Once you see my post – you will link up to my blog post within your blog post – this will leave a pingback (a link) which I will approve and it will show up in my comments…and in turn direct people to you 🙂
      You are also very welcome to leave a comment with your post URL on my blog. By doing this we will be able to find your post with a link in your comment and a pingback.

      Tagging: by tagging with One Four Challenge – we will be able to enter this and find all of the posts that are playing along…
      Ok, I’ve just tested this: Go into your WordPress Reader and look for TAGS. You can enter a tag in this area. I typed in and added One Four Challenge with the + button. This brought up my posts with the One Four Challenge tag.
      You could try this straight away too.
      Of course this will only work if we all add the tag to our posts.

      There will be a bit of settling in, but no need to send files to me – We will all be playing along, but our individual challenge will be on our own blogs – with all of the challenge players coming to visit and commenting on your blogs.
      Hopefully quite an interactive effort by all of us 🙂

      I do hope I have explained this well enough and will of course talk about this on my posts.
      Please ask me if I have been unclear or if you have any further questions.

      To start – I’ll be posting on Monday and then you’ll link up from there 🙂
      PS I have edited this comment and added a bit more. Robyn x


    1. Oh very good – so pleased it makes sense… I did add a little extra to my last comment.
      I’m looking forward to it too Chris! See ya Monday 😉


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