Monochrome Madness 36

It’s Wednesday again and Monochrome Madness – week 36!

Last week when I was out wandering around, I picked a few seed heads and weeds with interesting heads and flowers, to take a closer look at.

My image this week is viewing the underneath of a plant known in Australia as Paterson’s Curse or Salvation Jane – 2 very different names.


I was quite taken with the extremely interesting close up of this plant. I did not know it looked like this.

This plant, with it’s very pretty flowers… ( see my new header this week – I’m trialling a header – is a Paterson’s Curse flower )… is considered a real pest and a weed in Australia, although quite beneficial to honey producers.

Here’s a bit of info from the Dept of Primary Industries regarding Paterson’s Curse.

Paterson’s curse is considered a weed because:
  • It reduces pasture productivity and is toxic to livestock.
  • It can degrade the natural environment, compromising habitat values by crowding out and suppressing native vegetation.
  • Hay and grain infested with it fetch lower prices.
  • It affects human health. Some people are allergic to the pollen and the rough hairy texture of the leaves and stems causes skin irritation in people having close contact with the plant.
Despite these problems, some farmers consider Paterson’s curse to be beneficial. In the drier regions of southern Australia, it is considered the salvation of grazing because it is often the only source of feed (despite being poisonous).
Paterson’s curse is also valuable to the honey industry. It flowers early in the apiarists’ productive season, providing both the large amount of pollen necessary to build up bee numbers in a short time and a high level of nectar, which provides an early flow of honey.

Quite often in Australia in Springtime, you will see paddocks covered in purple.  It’s an incredibly pretty sight.

Pop on over to Leanne’s to check out all the participants in the gallery this week – it’s sure to be another great week of Mono Inspiration!

Many thanks as always to Leanne for curating and to Laura for cheering us all on.

19 thoughts on “Monochrome Madness 36

    1. It really does! Thats what I thought too 😊
      Thanks again Cybele.
      How are you? Bruising and sprain, did I read?
      Hope you’re making improvements xx


    1. Thank you Jules – glad you like the pic. I don’t know if you guys get Patersons. – I kinda hope you dont, but at least you know of it now, if not before. Im seeing it popping up in quite a few places presently.


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