Abstracts – Surface, light and texture..

It’s Friday! 😀

Some more experimenting for me this week – with surface, light and texture – my subjects in these experiments being, hard fences and soft seed heads.

These images are all so abstract and not so much about the subject matter.  I’m ok with that – this time 😉

It’s become more about shapes, tones and textures, due to light (or lack of) and depth of field.  I find that very appealing.

Fence wire 3 - RobynGosby_2014

The fences were photographed in black and white – Wow, I love that!  It’s how I learnt to photograph and I think I ‘see’ better in black and white 🙂

Also, the seed heads were photographed in the morning light and the fences were captured in the late afternoon light.

– click on the gallery for a closer view

I’m having so much fun experimenting again.. I’d like it to be something I do more often.  Fun!!

Well, I think that’s it from me for this week… so I hope we all have a great weekend!! Enjoy yours when it comes around.

Oh, one more thing… I want to give a big Shout Out to Stacy!

Stacy hosts the After Before (AB) forum – another fun editing challenge and this Friday (8am EST), the AB challengers are participating in a very special 6 month anniversary event, where they are all editing the same image – pop on over to check it out!  I’m going to!

New players are most welcome to join the AB forum, regardless of skill level and Stacy is a very fun host 🙂

See you Monday for week 3 of November’s One Four Challenge!! 😀

Robyn x

18 thoughts on “Abstracts – Surface, light and texture..

  1. Very nice images, Robyn, I love the barbwire fence with the shallow DOF. You’ve changed your theme, too – all new look! 🙂 Being a user of Twenty Fourteen also, my only reservation about it is that the posts are narrow…


    1. Thanks Chris – I really enjoyed these!
      Yes Twenty Fourteen is a great theme and while I do like a bigger image… I always scroll out to smaller or thumb nail to get an overview of an image when I’m working on them, (like standing back from an artwork) so I wonder if this works the same. I hope people will ‘click’ 🙂


    1. Thanks Cybele… I found my creative space in these – doesn’t happen often enough and there are always distractions – but hey I really enjoyed capturing them 😊


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