One Four Challenge – Dec wk 1

Hello One Four Challengers 🙂 ..and welcome to Round 2 of our challenge – December, week 1.

What fun we had last month with our new challenge!!

I’d really like to say thanks to all who have jumped on board with this idea, for all your efforts, experiments, sharing ideas and knowledge.

What did you think of the polls?  Did you get unexpected results or were the results what you expected? Week 2 of my images, seems to have been the favourite… thank you to all who voted!

Lets do this again!!! 😀

So a few things

For me, the most important being, that we continue to inspire and encourage each other in a positive way.  All of us are at different stages in our learning.. some are beginners and some are very skilled.

**For those still interested in knowing more about this challenge, you’ll find the ‘how to’ further on in this post.  PLEASE READ the details – thanks.

If you’ve only just found the challenge and you want to join us – start with us this month. TAG with One Four Challenge and link up.

My image:

This month, I wanted to choose something different – something that I know will get trickier as the month goes on – so I’m challenging myself with this one.

Apart from flowers, this is one of my favourite photographic subjects – Old trucks. Love ’em!!

So here’s my first edit for December.

In the Shadows
In the Shadows

Most of my processing was done in Camera Raw for this week.

Contrast, clarity, vibrancy, levels – the usual beginnings – if needed.  I then went into CEP4 and added a falloff lens filter to give the shade a bit more depth. Finally a touch of burning and that’s it for this week.

..and Now over to you again!

Tell us about your image and what edits you applied this week…. and I look forward to hearing all about your new chosen image for December.

About the challenge and how it works:

This challenge is about processing 1 image in 4 different ways over 4 weeks.
We will all  process / post edit (our own chosen image) and share a different version each week.
Process it however you like… and tell us a bit about it. You don’t have to show the original image unless you’d like to.  (I’m going to show mine in week 4 along with the 4 variations from the month).
Try new things, experiment.  Be as creative or subtle as you wish to be.
Each week starts again on Monday (Aussie time) and closes off the following Sunday (at the end of the day), so there is a whole week for you to create your post, link up here and tag your post.
This is a perpetual challenge. We will do the 1st four Mondays of the month.
If there are 5 Mondays in a month – we’ll still only post on 4.
Links and Ping backs:
Link your week 1 December post to this week 1 blog post.
You are also very welcome to leave a comment on this post, with your post link for the week.
Tagging for WordPress blogs:

Please include the One Four Challenge tag on your post.

By creating this tag on our posts– we will be able to find all WP challenge players in Reader.
If you go into your WordPress Reader and look for Explore TAGS, you can create and enter the tag in this area.

This brings up all posts with the One Four Challenge tag.

 Sooo… lets go!!!  Have a fantastic week everyone and I look forward to visiting and seeing what you’re working / playing on this month 🙂

115 thoughts on “One Four Challenge – Dec wk 1

      1. Im happy cos I sucessfully managed to get Nik installed as plugins for PS! Had to email Google to get the latest files but got it sorted last night.

        My biggest issue is what image to use for this month, cos of my computer problems I don’t have access to my main archives so am going to have to pick something from what else I have access to, and I probably don’t have the RAW files to work on so could be a challenge 🙂

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      2. Glad you got Nik sorted Stacey.
        Sorry you’ve got leftover issues? Usually the way. Hoping you get it sorted soon as you’re able.
        Have you got the time to get out with your camera? Maybe a thought? To or from work?
        Im sure whatever you choose will be great – we’ll all learn something, whatever we choose.
        I changed my mind once or twice 😜


  1. Just back from O/S and catching up on posts I missed. What a fabulous idea and loved the results I saw from last month, Robyn. I’ll definitely be joining in this month. Oh and love your new revamped blog and the title is a winner 🙂

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    1. Lee welcome home!! Hope you had the best time.
      So enjoyed the images I saw of your time away 😀
      Glad you like the changes here – it had been on my mind for a while.
      ..and so glad you’ll join us. That is exciting!! I know you’ll bring some great ideas and experimentation to the table.


    1. Thank you Woolly. This is a wonderful old truck and very glad you like the colours and shadows.
      It sits in an old orchard, but isnt going anywhere.
      Hay season starts for us very soon!! Bet it was fun being on the back of something so ancient and fabulous! They dont make em like this anymore 😜

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  2. Interesting photo to work with this month and lots of potential! I love the golden tones in this first week’s photo.
    I will be posting mine once it hits Dec 1st…in a few hours

    I liked having the poll last month…and it gave me surprising results!! Week 4 was the runaway winner for the voters…but I liked week 3 best(which hardly anyone else did!)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Marsha – I’m glad you like this first week.
      Looking forward to your next post and really pleased to hear that your poll gave you some surprising results!!


  3. I like the colors on your truck, I am interested to see where you take this truck, especially since it isn’t “going anywhere”. There is such personality in the face of an old truck like this, fun! Thank you for hosting again, happy to start learning again this month, YAY.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks heaps Carrie and it’s my pleasure to host – I love the mix that this challenge brings. People, learning and fun!
      I know you’re gonna have fun experimenting with LR.
      I have no idea where I’m going yet… I hope there are some ah-ha moments along the way 🙂


  4. I love old trucks too! I like the way you capture the unique color and texture of old metal. The whole scene goes together in such a nice way. Good start. Thanks again for the One Four Challenge and your leadership!


    1. Oh yes, old trucks- there is something so wonderful about them.
      This one has layers of paint, rust and texture that appeal so much and where it sits is a bonus.
      I really appreciate your comment about this first version 😃
      Thank you Joanne.


    1. Oh thank you Lore – I always appreciate your comments 😊
      I guess this version does have a summery feel – I like that description. Thanks 😃
      I have no idea where Im headed with this – but its fun experimenting.

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  5. Thank you for hosting this interesting challenge, Robyn! Old truck photos never get old, really. 🙂 I like your photo here. I’d very much like to participate, and I’m going to look now for something I can come up with.

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    1. Good morning from Australia Anita 😀
      You are very welcome to join us! Will look forward to your post.
      Leave a link and tag and we’ll find you.
      Thank you. I love this old truck. Looking forward to the next stage.

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  6. This shot is right up my alley. I love it so far and know exactly how I would process it. So it will be interesting to see what you do. I am already regretting my decision to sit it out this month as it looks like commenting is going to keep me just as busy!

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    1. Thank you Emilio – I thought of you – I know we both like old trucks.
      Jump in if you want. Youre not late, but commenting is great too 😃
      I will most likely try an HDR as I think you might and I also have a couple of other ideas forming… 😜


  7. Robyn,
    I’m really looking forward to this challenge… it’s been awhile since I’ve really played around in post processing… I have a method that works for most photos … but doing something new and different is going to be fun.

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      1. Thanks Nic.. Its proving tricky, but I knew it would be with so much going on 😀 Am definitely enjoying playing.
        CEP4 is Color Efex Pro 4 by Google’s Nik collection. A plugin.


      2. Yes it really does – I guess it offers shortcuts, but its fun and a worthwhile addition to the toolbox 😀
        There are a few in the collection.
        Still good to know your way around your own software first though, I think 😜

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